WHEELS Global Foundation Co-Sponsors the NObesity Revolutionary 2K Walk for VOAC Partnered with MOVE!, a national weight management program designed by Veteran Affairs

Bethesda, Maryland, May 18, 2017 – W.H.E.E.L.S. (Water, Health, Education, Energy, Livelihood, Sustainability) Global Foundation is an event sponsor for the Veteran Obesity Awareness Campaign’s (VOAC) NObesity Revolutionary 2K Walk. NObesity Revolution, a pilot program hosted by VOAC, is a campaign to raise obesity awareness and to promote healthy life choices for Veterans and the community. The event is scheduled from 8 AM- 1PM on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at VFW, Post 577, 1109 E 6th  St in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The NObesity Revolutionary 2K Walk’s proceeds will benefit Veterans Foreign Affairs Post 577 and the MOVE! Program at the Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System. For more information, visit: https://eventium.io/events/807294872768190/nobesity-revolution-2k-walk

 VOAC is a movement that highlights the issue of veteran obesity. As stated by ThinkProgress.org, the

U.S. veteran obesity rate peaked to 80 percent in 2015. MOVE! is a weight management health promotion program designed to improve the lives of veterans. Dr. Uma Koduri, Tulsa’s Ernest Children’s Outpatient Clinic’s MOVE! physician, is an advocate for weight management and healthy living. NObesity Revolution, a term coined by Dr. Koduri, encourages the walkers to wear yellow to demonstrate their coalition to the movement. Yellow represents energy, motivation, hope, optimism, joy and happiness. “I believe that there are many reasons why people choose unhealthy lifestyles. At times the circumstances do not allow them to take care of their health,” says Dr. Uma Koduri. She adds, “September should be considered as National Obesity Month, not just Childhood Obesity Month as both are epidemics.” As founder of Walk World Walkathon Organization, Dr. Koduri also collaborates with others to organize Obesity Walks.

 With the help of WHEELS Global Foundation and other event sponsors, VOAC is optimistic to educate the community about how a few simple changes in the routine can bring positive results in a lifestyle. “Everybody knows about eating right and being active, but it’s not making those choices: It’s living the lifestyle,” stated Dr. Bruce Dart, Tulsa Health Department Director. Supporters are encouraged to help raise awareness for the initiative by committing to a generous donation of $25 a month. Click HERE to donate.

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