is awarded to the


by the Indo-American Press Corp. at a ceremony broadcast in USA, Canada, India, and a few other countries. 

Other awardees included Nitin Nohria of Harvard, Pradeep Khosla of UCSD, Ranjani Saigal of Ekal and a couple of others.

WHEELS President "Mr. Suresh Shenoy" accepted the award on behalf of WHEELS team


Cordially Thanks to All Board members as well as Team

Satyajit, Yagya, Sayantan, Kavita Kapur, Hiten, Dr. Raj Shah, Digvijay, Amb. Pradeep Kapur, Indrajit


and everyone who has poured countless hours to make us appreciable. Getting WHEELS such recognition feels like an affirmation of our activities being of value and attracting attention for the causes we serve. Award Ceremony is hosted virtually where, more than 6000+ viewers joined the live event. You can view the recorded Award Ceremony event from the video mentioned below. Our Award winning segment started from 4:00 mins to 7:43 mins. Thank you!


Recorded Video of Award Ceremony

WHEELS Global Foundation(WGF), "An Initiative of IIT Alumni, USA" with the mission of Technology Enabled Philanthropy. 
WHEELS has been selected by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India as a member of committee for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

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