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Corporate Funding of Social Projects Through CSR

Speakers' Panel:

Mrs. Sarbani Chakravarty, Director, Confederation of Indian Industry,

Mr. Akshay Saxena, Founder, Avanti Fellows, A showcase of CSR Fund Usage,

Mr. Rahul Rishi, Social Sector Practice & Impact Investing, Nishith Desai Associate,


Mr. Nixon Joseph, Co-ordinator for CSR Funding, Chief Operating Officer, SBI Foundation


Webinar Moderator:

Mr. Yogesh Andlay, Director, WHEELS Global, India, IIT-Delhi

Webinar Chair:

Ambassador Pradeep Kapur, Executive Director, WHEELS Smart Village Development Initiative, IIT-Delhi

Union Budget of India has doubled fund allocation for MSME sector serving the Rural and semi-urban community but the estimate of the needs by those familiar with these communities far exceed such commendable goal. This is where private-public enterprises can amplify and accelerate developments of Sustainable projects.

One such channel is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) incentives given to Commercial Corporate sector in one of the most strategic plans in the world for Social Upliftment. After several years of experimentation with this massive scheme of Social impact funding, India is revising the CSR rules, specially affecting the contributions that Indian diaspora can make to serve their motherland.

WHEELS have assembled some leaders with subject matter expertise in a speaker's panel to exchange ideas with a global audience and promote another connecting channel for funding social projects to last webinar's theme of capital market's entry into Social Impact Investment.

Please Join us on Friday, March 26th 2021, from 09:30 AM to 11 AM US ET, (7 PM to 08:30 PM IST), in an open dialogue with the speakers

and moderator and help them promote developing a sustaining capability of Urban population for their self development.


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Upon registration, you may send your questions in advance to [email protected]. The webinar will also be broadcast on Facebook, and other social media platforms. Attendees will also be able to post their questions during the webinar. You can join the webinar 15 min early (i.e. 09:15 AM ET OR 06:45 PM IST) to watch the slide show on WGF activities and related project's videos. Past webinars have stressed the importance of collaboration among NGOs to scale operations and increase the impact. For more information visit:

WHEELS Global Foundation(WGF), "An Initiative of IIT Alumni, USA" with the mission of Technology Enabled Philanthropy. WHEELS has also been selected by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India as a member of committee for Innovation and Technology Transfer. WHEELS has also signed an MOU with the Ministry for Panchayati Raj for technology partnership in Rural Development.


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