TiE Partners with WHEELS on Smart Village Developement Project


Mr. Hiten Ghosh, Founder and President Emeritus WHEELS Global Foundation was invited as Special Guest of Honor in TiECon 2020 in Kolkata. Thanks to the efforts of Indrajit Chatterjee, Director of WHEELS Charitable Foundation and IIT-Kgp Alumni for a new potential Joint relationship with TiE organization on Rural Entrepreneurship program. Keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Siddhanti who has climbed Mount Everest and other tallest peaks in several continent and has personal story to inspire our potential Rural entrepreneurs under personal development:

Mr. Siddhanti quoted - “Things often appear impossible until somebody does it”  “ If you fall down,it is not failure but if you do not get up, it is”

He has agreed to be our mentor for WHEELS rural Entrepreneurs. 

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