These pictures are from Tuvad Village, Patan District of Gujarat, showing how SEVAK Priank is using the Netbook in recording data on blood pressure and sugar of patients . When PM Modi talks about Digital India - it is going to be these kind of small "one-on-one" uses of netbooks, computers, laptops, smartphones when combined hundreds of millions of times, will have a significant impact on the country's progress doing the screening and entering the data.

This collaborative effort between Wheels Global Foundation, SEVAK and IIT Bombay based team is a prime example of how good collaboration at grassroots level can work effectively.  Many Sevaks never used a computer and Thanks to WHEELS  collaborator group from IIT-Mumbai  translated the Health monitoring Instruction  into Gujarati , sent an instructor to Vedodara University to train the SEVAKs on use of the Software program. 

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