Sanand Nutrition Project - WIN Foundation

Sanand Nutrition Project - WIN Foundation
Developing Women Entrepreneurs & Improving nutrition intake in children and young women in five Gram Panchayats of Sanand

The greater effectiveness of Market creating interventions for social impact than pure supply-side approaches has been studied and put forth by late Prof. Clayton Christensen and his team. WIN Foundation’s nutrition projects follow this market creation approach through a simultaneous Push (Supply) and Pull (Demand) approach. The project involves nearly 100% women in project leadership and execution. The objective of the projects are:

  • To promote women empowerment through women-led micro-enterprises.
  • To promote nutritive intake in the vulnerable communities, focusing on children and young women
Our new nutrition multistakeholder project, with Samerth Charitable trust as implementing NGO partner launched in September 2021, is progressing fast in mobilizing, training, and developing women entrepreneurs in the area of Sanand covering 5 villages with appx. 25000 population. 30 potential women participating actively participated in the sessions, towards their journey as nutrition entrepreneurs.

Mr. Nikesh Ingle, certified master trainer is conducting training to train the project field stall and also the budding potential women entrepreneurs to support them for all stages of business.

On the occasion of Diwali, as a part of the training session, the project team has organized two days of trial product developing sessions to develop some of the local snacks. WIN Foundation supported to set up of a mobile kitchen facility. The enthusiastic potential women entrepreneurs actively participated and made 11 snacks. The products have been also sent to Nutrition Group CTARA, IIT Bombay for nutrition analysis. The feedback will help to guide the women entrepreneurs to think and work towards their final nutrition products.

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