Research on Rural Development

  • WHEELS has set a goal to create Chaired professorship in six of its tracks in World class Institutes in USA for research in technology application and innovations to solve Rural problems. These positions will be further enhanced to cover expenses of collaboration with Global institutes specializing in such technology applications and specific Institutes like IITs in India. Such three way efforts will be supported by individual or corporate endowments that will address cost affordable and innovative solutions to rural needs of India, USA and other developing countries. The endowed chairs can be named  at the discretion of the donor but be a part of the advisory board of WHEELS.
  • WHEELS is proposing some R & D projects in IITs in collaboration with Ventures capital funds to promote innovations applicable and affordable for villages such as 
    • Smokeless Chulla (Oven for Cooking and Heating)
    • Low Cost and affordable refrigeration system and storage for perishable vegetables and fruits
    • Low cost water-less sanitation 
    • Medical Instruments and diagnostics.


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