The Problem

It is projected by the UN Population Commission that, by the year 2050, approximately 70% of the world population will be occupying urban living space, leaving only 30% population to attend to agriculture and related non-urban activities. The strain on global resources, food and the supply chain will be immense. Capacity of the urban ecosystem will strain the resources needed by the now burdened urban ecosystem and make it unsustainable. Additionally, a huge slice of citizens, already live in impoverished areas where infrastructure and facilities are scarce or non-existent.

This will affect the economy and livelihood of the people world over dramatically. This projected system can only be slowed, balanced or made sustainable by preventing the shift from villages, or reverse migration from the urban to the underutilized rural (or non-urban areas). For this to happen, the late Prof. P V Indiresan proposed the implementation of unique concept PURA — Providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas.

Opportunities for work and living in rural areas have to occur through with innovative urban and rural (re) planning to achieve an optimal balance between urban and rural areas, economies, livelihood. Vital resources like water, energy and ecological resources must be made sustainable, with innovations in education of the population, young and old, driving innovations in livelihood critical areas like jobs, health care, transit, water, sanitation, food (growing, producing, and delivery) systems.


Our Approach to the Solution

Goals and Objectives

In the United States

  • Create Jobs

    • Provide IT/Job Training to re-align our Long-Term Unemployed to today's job market
    • Work with At-Risk Youth (high school dropouts) proving relevant skills training and mentoring services

In India and Developing world

  • Improve access to affordable Housing and Sanitation

    • Integrated Project incorporating HFHI India Builds with WGF Water (CDWP) and Healthcare (SEVAK) projects


Track Leaders

Dr. Smita Siddhanti


Non-profit Partners

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