Primary through High School and Vocational Education

Community College with 2 years certification

WHEELS is working to actively promote the introduction of community college program with central government. This two year certificate program is not only cost affordable for rural children but also train them in technical/professional subjects that will make them employable as technicians or medical aides, besides providing job opportunities.

A proposed partnership with Pratham will promote application of the distance learning technology to overcome the lack of qualified teachers in the rural India. WHEELS is collaborating with IIT Bombay to promote a tablet/notebook project with spoken tutorials in 13 languages to overcome the widespread lack of knowledge of English and even national language like Hindi in remote villages.

This self-paced training with spoken tutorial in local languages has been tried for IT training over several hundred thousand students in many states with high success rates and is sure aid the High School education and vocational training for rural youth, while training delivery will be thru distance learning with teachers’ aides providing local assistance /administration.

An earlier vocational skill training program, as part of Nation Building Program of PanIIT Alumni-India - called "Gurukuls" has met moderate success for high school drop outs in maintaining employment.

We are in the process of completing a collaboration agreement with an organization called PARFI--PanIIT Alumni Reach for India -- which has implemented several "Gurukuls" in various states of India providing Vocational training for school dropouts in villages -- in skill development like carpentry, plumbing, electrician, auto mechanic etc. with guaranteed employment in member companies of CII by prior arrangement. The graduates pay back by automatic payroll deduction with proceeds coming to PARFI to finance the loan forwarded by NABARD to pay for the training project. This business model has been so successful that NABARD wants PARFI to take the gurukul model nationwide.

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