HRD Minister's surprise visit to IIT Gandhinagar Student Mess

Great work by IIT Gandhinagar Director Dr. Sudhir Jain in managing IIT Gandhinagar so well and setting an example for other institutions. IIT Gandhinagar is also a WHEELS Collaborator in Social projects in Education field.

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In the words of Mr. Sudhir Jain: Another first for the Institute, the Minister dropping in for food in the student mess! Not sure if any IIT has ever had the Minister (and ex-officio Chairperson of the IIT Council) come in for a meal unannounced!

Fortunately, the hygiene, the food preparation, the atmosphere in our mess has always been very decent and there were no awkward moments... the students had a nice time with her ...chatting and getting their pics taken...

When I was told that the Minister has gone to the mess, naturally I along with a few faculty and Director of IIT Kharagpur Prof Partha Chakrabarti too joined her.

Hope to have many more important persons have their meals in the student mess in the years ahead..... we must not just retain the quality of our dining halls but with time further enhance the dining experience for every one.


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