The Problem

Delivering practical and affordable health care solutions to India’s billion-plus people presents enormous challenges. These challenges are further exacerbated by limited access to preventive/curative health services, diagnostic tools and sanitation. 

Our Approach to the Solution

Goals and Objectives

The Healthcare track promotes technology driven, practical and affordable solutions (like telemedicine, affordable medical instruments and collaborative healthcare management) to address a subset of challenges. The track provides access to innovative technologies, processes and ideas. Additionally, it facilitates partnerships between Indian government, NGOs and private enterprises to bridge the health care gap. 

Health IT

The focus of Health IT program is to develop services and technologies to reduce costs and improve quality of healthcare for the masses. These include telemedicine, global standardization and preventive measures.

Remote Diagnosis

Remote Diagnosis program will utilize innovative technology to provide health related diagnosis over the internet to remote areas where staffing of medical facilities is difficult.

Access to Affordable Medications

This program addresses issues like Intellectual Property protection of rural innovation, access to drug development/testing, advocacy on legal issues, IP laws and adoption of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Current Projects


WHEELS Healthcare Council presents HART Model as

Healthcare Access for Rural community via Telemedicine

For the mission towards Technology Driven Cost-Effective Healthcare Delivery in the Rural and Underserved Areas to improve access to Healthcare particularly started in India and a vision to expand Globally. Project HART meets WHEELS Principles to Provide Livelihood which Creates employment and livelihood for service providers and Sustainability by generating operating cost and a small revenue for expansion.

To Know More About - HART Model/ProjectClick Here

Past Projects

Project SEVAK

We have formed a broad collaboration with The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) and Project SEVAK to pull our joint resources and complementary skills for the challenges facing India healthcare system today.  WHEELS SEVAK projects will be based on AAPI’s existing Health monitoring program, Project SEVAK, in the villages of Gujarat.  The immediate goals are to support project SEVAK’s growth initiatives while incorporating new technologies to provide better access to medicine/care in rural villages of India (telemedicine, etc.)

  • India is undergoing an epidemiological transition with both non-communicable and chronic diseases as the leading causes of death. Four studies in the state of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat showed marginalized access to health care. Seventy percent of India lives in the villages (700 million people) and the importance of educating and delivery of healthcare to this large base of India in its resource-poor settings becomes an urgent and viable issue. Large-scale efforts to improve general awareness about diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, its risk factors, and to promote healthy lifestyles are lacking.
  • To learn more about this project, how to donate, and get involved please visit the SEVAK Projects page on our website

The AAPI MOU calls for technology skills of IIT Alumni to complement expert medical Professional skills of AAPI members. Likewise we intend to partner with PHFI, Public Health Foundation of India, developing advanced training on Public Health. 


Track Leaders

Dr. Raj Shah


Non-profit Partners


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