#Give18in18 Campaign Excites New Generation of Volunteers and Donors

WHEELS Global Foundation Fundraiser to Support Efforts in Developing Countries

Reston, VA – April 18, 2018 – Today, the WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF) launched the “#Give18in18” campaign globally to inspire young adults to get involved with charitable causes as volunteers and donors. The social media-focused campaign encourages millennials to share why they prioritize donating their time and funds. They are also asked to challenge their friends to share similar stories in a less than one-minute video. The campaign will stay active until May 11, 2018 and is accepting video submissions via emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The campaign is targeting millennials to broaden their knowledge of “how to” donate or be a volunteer to make an impact in their communities. Millennials tend to be more charitable than their elders; according to a study by Blackbaud, 84% of millennials give to charitable organizations as opposed to 72% of baby boomers. While boomers contribute more in total dollar amounts, millennials volunteer at higher rates.

WGF has strategically worked to get youth involved in its day to day operations, as they are the future of philanthropy. WGF created two positions for Youth Chairs which were awarded to Neil Davey and Vriti Khurana, both of whom excel at creating change in rural and underprivileged communities. Neil Davey is a Harvard student who has found a way to detect cancer and malaria with just a drop of blood through a microfluidic device. His technology is less expensive and less invasive than traditional screening methods allowing better disease detection in remote villages. “Volunteering with a foundation like WHEELS Global Foundation has helped me to truly make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most. When choosing an NGO, a nonprofit to donate to, it is important that the foundation’s mission aligns with your goals of giving back; let it be your time or funds,” says Davey.

#Give181in18 will excite a new generation of donors to become involved in philanthropy. By highlighting the efforts of these two individuals, donors will understand that even their small $18 donations will make a big difference.Vriti Khurana conceptualized The Kanya Project, which is designed to keep girls in school by providing them with sanitary napkins. Khurana said, “Creating time to volunteer and give back is important to me. As a millennial myself, focused on school and the many priorities that come with it, it is easy to forget how my contribution of time and funds change lives for many villagers lacking basic resources.” The project also provides livelihood to women in the community as they develop and distribute the 100% compostable menstrual hygiene products.

WGF will use social media to raise awareness of the campaign. Donors are encouraged to give $18 during the campaign with the opportunity to sign up as a WGF volunteer to get involved with future projects. Interested donors will be directed to a donation webpage accessible from all mobile devices. Donors can earmark their contributions to one of the six focus areas of WGF (water, health, education, energy, livelihood, sustainability), or to the Foundation in general.

As a result of the generous donations WGF received last year, 70,000 Indians living in rural communities received access to clean drinking water. Funds raised in 2018 will go toward the creation of ten additional CDWP’s, providing 55,000 more individuals with access to clean drinking water. Spoken Tutorial, a digital learning tool developed by WGF’s member of the board and track Director for Education has provided IT literacy to 4.2 million people to date. Additionally, an app was just released in India to assist new mothers with proper breastfeeding methods to reduce the infant mortality rate.

These programs recognize that young leaders are the future of technology and philanthropy. Through the #Give18in18 campaign, the foundation will highlight the significant efforts made by young adults who volunteer and donate their time and funds to charitable causes such as WHEELS Global Foundation.


About: WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF): Founded by the alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF) is an independent 501c3, a non-profit organization that is a pioneer in applying technology to provide solutions to issues related with water, health, energy, education, livelihood, and sustainability. The organization partners with other national and international NGO’s and non-profit organizations, working in collaboration to aid a larger rural population globally. For more information, visit:


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