Dr Kothari's visit to WHEELS' sites in the villages of Gujrat

Dr. Ajay Kothari (President ASEI and WHEELS collaborator) visited villages of North Gujarat to see the work done by WHEELS and its healthcare partner SEVAK. Below is the feedback and pictures he shared from his visit.

"I visited 2 villages in North Gujarat yesterday. I am very pleased to see the work done by WHEELS and Sevak. People are very happy with what you all have done. We need to continue along the same lines. Prakash (in charge of North Guj) from Gandhinagar drove over from my location, It was about 100 kms from where I was. North Gujarat is comparatively more backward and in need of such things more. The Adiwasi people here are the ones benefiting. People were very happy to meet me. About 20-30 people came over impromptu and I visited many homes to see the toilets (in Mankan Champa) and also the parents of the blind 10 year old that Thakorebhai and SEVAK have helped them.

I got a letter from the Sarpanch on their letterhead for additional toilets to take to the Banas Kantha District Collector which I am trying to do now if he is available over next two days that I am here. The cost of toilet is 18K Rs of which Gov funds 12K. As you all know ! Agiya, village in Gujrat where WHEELS built some toilets for villagers, similar quality toilets are needed in Mankan Champa also and other places too."

WHEELS and our collaborator team, deeply appreciate Dr. Kothari's personal interest and willing to lead in WHEELS social project in few villages of North Gujarat—starting with the village Disha. WHEELS with the collaboration of SEVAK have already done similar project in the villages one per district of Gujarat for a total of 33. 


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