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COVID-19 Relief Funds for India

* WHEELS Global Foundation is a 501C(3) approved entity and your donations are Tax Deductible in the USA. Our board members pays all administrative costs and contributes above that so that 100% of your donations goes directly to the concerned causes.


The current global crisis caused by the Wuhan Corona Virus and affliction called COVID-19 has engulfed our lives in ways that has crippled our individual well-being, threatens humanity and promises massive economic consequences. Our many well-wishers, donors and patrons have come forward most generously wanting to donate and to know how WHEELS Global Foundation can assist. Here are ways in which you can help and work with us:

1. WHEELS Global Foundation by Global IIT Alumni: If you wish to make a donation, you may do so at this page

WHEELS Global Foundation is a 501C(3) entity and your donations are Tax Deductible in the USA. You may also send your check to:

WHEELS Global Foundation

11654 Plaza America Drive, #615

Reston, VA 20190


2. Official Information:

To keep informed of the spread this deadly scourge in America, you can visit: . This is the official data from the Centers for Disease Control.

The official Covid-19 site for India is

There are many videos and suggestions for mitigating this disease and staying safe through personal hygiene, distancing from others and looking out for commonly experienced Covid  symptoms before contacting your doctor or rushing to the hospital. Please review this information on the above official sites and DO NOT DEPEND on ‘word-of-mouth’ or anecdotal recommendations on social media.


3. We are working with our implementation partner for donations specific to work in West Bengal. Please click Kolkata Foundation for work in that state. They are in-turn engaged with other partners like Ektara Foundation, Mukti Foundation, Samaritan Foundation among others who have approached us with specific requests for funding for distribution of food, mobile healthcare vans and purchase of medications.

Kolkata Foundation is a 501 C(3) certified partner and they will acknowledge your donation immediately for tax purposes.


4. You may also donate directly to the Prime Minister’s Covid Relief Fund at However, please note that donations at this web site are not tax deductible in the USA.


5. Other IIT Initiatives:

Similar information by district can be obtained from the following data visualization application developed by CTARA at IIT Bombay:


About COVID-19:

Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is a life-threatening respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus that spreads from person to person. The Government of India and all countries affected by this virus are working hard to contain the spread by maintaining lockdowns and taking all necessary measures to provide medical supplies and hospital facilities to affected people. We should take measures recommended by CDC and other health officials such as maintaining social distance, staying indoors, washing hands frequently and drinking warm water. We will utilize your donations to support our implementation partner organizations for healthcare research grants, testing, procuring medical equipment, medical kits and assisting needy families. Your donations in any amount will be of great support and highly appreciated. Please share this message and help us raise funds so we may serve others. #socialdistancing #stayhome #staysafe. We are not organized to ship clothes, blankets, food items, tents etc. Only cash donations are being accepted.

If you wish to make a donation, you may do so here on this page.

Thank you

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Click Here for donating to COVID-19 relief Fund

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