Another Village (Chhipadi- Kheda) got Clean Drinking Water Plant by WHEELS

WHEELS Global Foundation has installed another Clean Drinking Water Plant(CDWP) in the village Chhipadi- Kheda district of Gujarat(India). Plant was handed over to the Village today (30 Nov 2017). Ritesh Barot of KP Water just shared the pictures of this new water plant. WHEELS President Suresh Shenoy and Water Track Director Ron Mehta had also visited this site and met villagers this year in October when the work was in progress.

WHEELS has already installed 13 CDWP and 2 more plants are ready for installation at an appropriate site related to two SEVAK (WHEELS' health care Project) villages in Gujarat. As well as 6 more CDWP to be planned from the $50,000 kind donation pledged by Nishwarth Foundation at the last WHEELS Gala in New York.

WHEELS take this opportunity to thank Dr Thakor Patel, Viren Patel and their dedicated group of SEVAKS all across Gujarat for collaborating with WHEELS and making these projects a reality. Last but not the least we also thank Ritesh Barot, the Managing Director and Founder of KP Water - our RO plant supplier in Kathwada, Ahmedabad for smooth, efficient and seamless delivery of the units in time. "Teamwork is what makes these projects so successful " quoted WHEELS Water Track Director Ron Mehta. Now more people will have access to clean drinking water and will be free from many health issues due to contaminated water. 





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