WHEELS Global Foundation Launches Borewell Project in the Villages of Rajasthan

On Sept 24th 2016, In the village Jalat (Rajasthan), After drilling about 675' deep, down to a body of high quality aquifer, our team in India struck water at a good pressure and flow rate. Please check below pictures from the site and video of water gushing out of Borewell. It is possible only because of the generosity of our donors and supporters, an additional 6,000 people will now have access to clean drinking water. 





Dr. Thakor Patel(WHEELS Director and Track Leader for HealthCare) inaugurated the new Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in Jalat village this year. The village Sarpanch (leader) and our team lead by Dr. Patel gave education on diseases related with poor quality of water.


Below is the video of Water Gushing Out of Borewell. 


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