In 2003, the first PAN IIT alumni conference was held in Silicon Valley, CA where Bill Gates, the keynote speaker recognized the alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) as the leaders in innovation and technology globally. The event was covered by CBS in its famed “60 minutes” series by correspondent Lesley Stahl, making PAN IIT a household name in the United States. During the planning phase of “Giveback to America” project in 2009, it was realized that a not for profit organization must be formed to distinguish from the mission of PAN IIT Alumni Foundation, giving rise to WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF). In 2013, WGF was founded as an independent 501©3 to provide innovative technology driven solutions to the challenges that affect the global rural population in six areas; Water, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Livelihood and Sustainability. The organization partners with other national and international NGO’s and non-profit organizations, working in collaboration to provide assistance to a larger rural population globally. Our goal is to increase access, communication, and funding for technologies and/or charitable missions aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens across the globe through the implementation of sustainable programs.


To give back to India, USA and the global communities by creating technological solutions to global issues affecting rural communities.

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