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    Donate for BeyondCovid Book

    People who donate $60 or more to WHEELS, will get a hard bound copy of the book. Those who donate $75 or more, will get an author's autographed hard-bound copy of the book. If you donate $500 or more, you will also get a chance to interact with authors at a mutually agreed convenient time.

    Around the world, providing quality and affordable healthcare remains a challenge. As the COVID-19 pandemic began, it quickly became apparent that public policy and current healthcare systems were ill-prepared to deal with the challenges. Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil discuss the lessons learned in the book, Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare.

    The authors offer sustainable and revolutionary solutions to change healthcare delivery in the United States and a model for other countries. With a combination of a public SafetyNet and free-market competition, they offer their "Grand Plan." The advances and adoption of current and new technology will revolutionize the field of healthcare. They offer critical strategies that countries can adopt during natural disasters, wars, or a pandemic.

    The emerging world order, as envisioned by the authors, addresses healthcare needs, education, and sustainable lifestyle choices, reducing the need for more intensive and costly interventions to improve the overall quality of life. Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare does not stop with a plan for the United States healthcare system, but also organizations, such as the United Nations and the WHO, which are not living up to their initial promise. The authors suggest a roadmap that goes beyond just reform.

    With these lessons and their Grand Plan, Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil challenge the world to have the political consensus to create meaningful change for all, both in the United States, the United Nations, and around the globe. You can see some further details of the book by clicking here (

    About the Authors

    Ambassador Pradeep Kapur is an acknowledged “luminary diplomat,” with a distinguished career working with leaders and policymakers around the world. Author and editor of many books, he was Ambassador of India to Chile and to Cambodia, and Secretary at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. He graduated from the globally acclaimed Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D). He is Executive Director of Smart Village Development Fund (SVDF).


    Dr. Joseph Chalil, MD, MBA, FACHE, is the author of several scientific and research papers, and serves as the Chairman of Indo-American Press Club (IAPC), the largest ethnic Indian American media forum. He is also the Chairman of the Complex Health Systems Advisory Board, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Dr. Chalil is an expert in U.S. healthcare policy and a strong advocate for patient-centered care. 




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    Registration for Book Signing By Natwar Gandhi

     Wheels Global Foundation to host Mr. Natwar Gandhi, ex-CFO of the Government of DC for a book signing event. Please come and hear his story about how he overcame adversity and became a recognized leader in the Financial Community, specially in the Metropolitan DC area. 

    Natwar Gandhi began life in a dusty Indian village that had no paved streets, no electricity, no telephone and no running water. When he was 17, his father put him on a train to Mumbai in hopes that he might find work and send money home to help support the family. In Mumbai he barely made a living, but through countless long days of work, relentless determination and good luck he was able to take a plane to New York at the age of 25, where he landed with $7 in his pocket. Still the Promised Land is the fascinating and deeply personal story of how an impoverished immigrant made his way to the new world, remade his life and ultimately became the chief financial officer of Washington, DC, playing a key role in transforming the nation’s capital from a near-bankrupt municipality into a financially healthy major American city. Gandhi’s life is both cautionary and instructive, difficult yet uplifting. Ultimately, it is a harrowing and inspiring account of how to survive seemingly hopeless circumstances and succeed in America. His journey has an uplifting message for present-day America, where immigrants are often reviled and immigration itself is denigrated. It reaffirms faith in the United States’ future as a great nation; indeed, it puts forth that the 21st century will be an American century that embraces all culture "Still The Promised Land".


    Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 
    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Credence Management Solutions LLC
    8609 Westwood Ctr Drive,
    1st Floor Conference Room, 
    Vienna, VA 22182
    San Sengupta
    703 728 0649 
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