We are looking forward to seeing you at WHEELS Achievement Awards Gala on June 2nd.















































SEVAK (helper) Jayeshbhai doing a Blood Pressure Screening in Indiranagar, Ahmedabad

SEVAK (helper) Jayeshbhai doing a Blood Pressure Screening in Indiranagar, Ahmedabad . SEVAK is Health care project under WHEELS. SEVAK project is implemented and running in 26 villages of India, To know more about it please visit this page.

SEVAK (helper) Jayeshbhai doing a Blood Pressure Screening in Indiranagar, Ahmedabad

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Toilets built in Karunda - a hamlet that is part of Agiya

"Prashanbaa, a widow from Agiya village of Gujarat, like other women in her village was compelled to defecate in the open daily, as she did not have a toilet at home. Raising her voice against the traditional veil system, she says "elders are not feeling shame, while the women of the village defecates in the open". But now things have changed and she thanked Habitat for Humanity - India and Wheels Global Foundation for the toilet unit. Today she is “Happy”. She has a toilet in her home. Her safety and privacy are secured."

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Accompanied by Habitat for Humanity’s field coordinator

Accompanied by Habitat for Humanity’s field coordinator Ms. Vaibhavi Thaker, the women received new toilets in Karunda, a hamlet of Agiya.

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Dr Kothari's visit to WHEELS' sites in the villages of Gujrat

Dr. Ajay Kothari (President ASEI and WHEELS collaborator) visited villages of North Gujarat to see the work done by WHEELS and its healthcare partner SEVAK. Below is the feedback and pictures he shared from his visit.

"I visited 2 villages in North Gujarat yesterday. I am very pleased to see the work done by WHEELS and Sevak. People are very happy with what you all have done. We need to continue along the same lines. Prakash (in charge of North Guj) from Gandhinagar drove over from my location, It was about 100 kms from where I was. North Gujarat is comparatively more backward and in need of such things more. The Adiwasi people here are the ones benefiting. People were very happy to meet me. About 20-30 people came over impromptu and I visited many homes to see the toilets (in Mankan Champa) and also the parents of the blind 10 year old that Thakorebhai and SEVAK have helped them.

I got a letter from the Sarpanch on their letterhead for additional toilets to take to the Banas Kantha District Collector which I am trying to do now if he is available over next two days that I am here. The cost of toilet is 18K Rs of which Gov funds 12K. As you all know ! Agiya, village in Gujrat where WHEELS built some toilets for villagers, similar quality toilets are needed in Mankan Champa also and other places too."

WHEELS and our collaborator team, deeply appreciate Dr. Kothari's personal interest and willing to lead in WHEELS social project in few villages of North Gujarat—starting with the village Disha. WHEELS with the collaboration of SEVAK have already done similar project in the villages one per district of Gujarat for a total of 33. 


Visually Impaired Students Learning on their Own

WHEELS team is happy to share with you that our collaborator have implemented a platform “SunKids” for Visually impaired at Poona School for Blind at Koregaon park. Where in Blind students can learn and sharpen their knowledge of Brail on their own without the help of Brail teacher. They need a sighted person to operate the system.

Initial response has been extremely encouraging, specially the smile on the faces of those young kids when they were using the platform. It is worth a lot.

Present technology which we observed in Blind center operated by United Ways in Atlanta also currently uses Tennis balls to teach Brail as can be seen in the picture. When it was demonstrated to the Brail teacher in Atlanta she was also very excited about it. So we feel very proud to bring new technology to fore to improve the quality of life of Special children. 

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Spoken Tutorial project bagged a first prize in the Reimagine Education Competition

Spoken Tutorial project by Professor Kannan (IITB) bagged a first prize in the Reimagine Education Competition, jointly sponsored by the Wharton School. This is in the "Nurturing Employability" category. 


The global competition received submissions from 520 universities and enterprises from 50 countries with 22 awards judged by a panel of 40 international experts - a "who's who" of higher education. Please see below links for more details.



Prof. Kannan is also WHEELS Collaborator and Track leader for the projects in Education field. WHEELS Global Foundation congratulates Prof Kannan on this great achievement and doing unprecedented job in training more than 4 Lakh Students using the Spoken Tutorials Methodology.

HRD Minister's surprise visit to IIT Gandhinagar Student Mess

Great work by IIT Gandhinagar Director Dr. Sudhir Jain in managing IIT Gandhinagar so well and setting an example for other institutions. IIT Gandhinagar is also a WHEELS Collaborator in Social projects in Education field.

 1.jpg    2.jpg

In the words of Mr. Sudhir Jain: Another first for the Institute, the Minister dropping in for food in the student mess! Not sure if any IIT has ever had the Minister (and ex-officio Chairperson of the IIT Council) come in for a meal unannounced!

Fortunately, the hygiene, the food preparation, the atmosphere in our mess has always been very decent and there were no awkward moments... the students had a nice time with her ...chatting and getting their pics taken...

When I was told that the Minister has gone to the mess, naturally I along with a few faculty and Director of IIT Kharagpur Prof Partha Chakrabarti too joined her.

Hope to have many more important persons have their meals in the student mess in the years ahead..... we must not just retain the quality of our dining halls but with time further enhance the dining experience for every one.


SEVAK doing health care work in the Village of Gujarat

These pictures are from Tuvad Village, Patan District of Gujarat, showing how SEVAK Priank is using the Netbook in recording data on blood pressure and sugar of patients . When PM Modi talks about Digital India - it is going to be these kind of small "one-on-one" uses of netbooks, computers, laptops, smartphones when combined hundreds of millions of times, will have a significant impact on the country's progress doing the screening and entering the data.

This collaborative effort between Wheels Global Foundation, SEVAK and IIT Bombay based team is a prime example of how good collaboration at grassroots level can work effectively.  Many Sevaks never used a computer and Thanks to WHEELS  collaborator group from IIT-Mumbai  translated the Health monitoring Instruction  into Gujarati , sent an instructor to Vedodara University to train the SEVAKs on use of the Software program. 

We invite you to join our movement and help the millions of people who deserve a better chance at living with hope and dignity.Donate online at :www.wheelsglobalfoundation.org

WHEELS Promoting Technology Enabled - Philanthropy


President APJ Kalam and WHEELS

Rest in Peace President. Kalam – You are an inspiration for WHEELS and exhorted us to find “Common Solutions to Common Problems” in 2006! We found these pictures in our vast archives… WHEELS President and Chairman shaking hands with the great man himself ! One of the few REAL Inspirations for the common man of India.

We are all born with a divine fire. Our efforts should be to give Wings to this Fire & fill the world with the glow of Goodness ~ Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Sir, you will always remain immortal on this planet by your teachings.


WHEELS Partners participate in AAPI Convention


33rd Annual AAPI Convention was held in Orlando, Florida from June 17 - 21, 2015. 
Physicians and healthcare professionals from across the country convened and participated in the scholarly exchange of medical advances, to develop health policy agendas, and to encourage legislative priorities in the coming year. WHEELS' Partners - SEVAK Foundation , Habitat for Humanity India also had a booth in the convention. Dr Thakor Patel (AAPI) who is the Track Leader and Field Director of WHEELS Health Care projects and founder of SEVAK foundation represented WHEELS and its partners in the convention.

How IIT Kharagpur researchers are leading a 'green revolution'


Jagannath Das, a farmer in his late 40s is surveying a farmland at Khentia village in Kharagpur. The summer sun is merciless.With the mercury at cruel 42 degrees, Das is sweating profusely but is smiling a happy smile.“Five years ago, we could not imagine producing even a handful of paddy in this barren land of Khentia.

“But thanks to IIT Kharagpur professors, we can now grow paddy for our own consumption and can also farm soyabean, sweet corn, sesame, peanut etc,” Das tells.. A group of researchers at the IIT-K,

Read more at : http://www.rediff.com/business/special/special-how-iit-kharagpur-researchers-are-leading-a-green-revolution/20150527.htm

Wheels Collaborator : Ekal Participates in International Yoga Day


 June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014.  The declaration of this day came after the call for the adoption of 21 June as International Day of Yoga by PM Narendra Modi during his address to UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014 wherein he stated:-

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A new, ‘circular’ perspective on water management

Three billion people will join the global consumer class over the next two decades, accelerating the degradation of natural resources and escalating competition for them. Nowhere is this growing imbalance playing out more acutely than the water sector. Already, scarcity is so pronounced that we cannot reach many of our desired economic, social, and environmental goals. If we continue business as usual, global demand for water will exceed viable resources by 40 percent by 2030.

If we consider water to be a product—something that is processed, enriched, and delivered—we must follow the same strict design rules applied to any other product in a circular economy. Innovators, responsible operators, and committed system developers are spearheading the creation of new technological solutions, pilot cases, and initiatives to improve water management. 

To know more about Next-generation moves for water-system management, please check below article. http://www.mckinsey.com/Insights/Sustainability/Rethinking_the_water_cycle?cid=other-eml-alt-mip-mck-oth-1505

USAID Visit IIT- GandhiNagar

IIT Gandhinagar (launched in 2008)  seeks to establish itself as a center of excellence in research, teaching  and community engagement. It is also WHEELS' anchor to Rural Development for its Consortium in Western India.

Please read here in detail: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/usaid-officials-visit-iit-gandhinagar-to-plan-us-collaboration



WHEELS Collaborator Prof Kannan (IIT B) Has Trained More Than 4 Lakh Students Using The Spoken Tutorials Methodology.

Great initiative and work done by Professor Kannan Moudgalya who is WHEELS Collaborator and Track leader for the projects in Education field.

Check details here : http://www.dqindia.com/iit-bombay-has-trained-more-than-4-lakh-students-using-the-spoken-tutorials-methodology


A Clip on Clean Drinking Water Plants Installed by WHEELS and IIT-B

To know more about this project please visit CDWP page. Also check more pictures of Wheels' projects on Wheels facebook page.

WHEELS Collaborator Ekal working with Farmers Kids


Ranjani Saigal from EKAL (Wheels Collaborator in Education Field) worked with the children and the farmers in Karanjo to see how they use computers. These are some pictures. This is a room in the gramothan resource center which has internet access. We will converting this to a lab.

Wheels Collaborator Prof Kannan Awarded by Google

Prof Kannan is one of our collaborators in Technology–enabled  education scale up projects.

We are glad to inform you about a recognition of our work by Google - please see the mail below.  They especially liked the offline capability of Spoken Tutorials.

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Wheels Inaugurates Clean Drinking Water Plant

Clean Drinking Water Plant (CDWP) installed and inaugurated by Wheels Team in villages (Haveli Ghanpur and Nadikand) near Hyderabad. 


In order to tackle the clean drinking water problem effectively, Wheels in collaboration with IIT Bombay AA Hyderabad Chapter first identified badly affected villages, specifically with high fluoride and dissolved solid levels in water, as well as those contaminated with bacteria that creep in due to bad or lack of any sanitation. Now, Wheels is working on setting up CDWPs in badly affected areas not touched by any governmental or non-governmental agencies. 
To know more about this project please visit CDWP page. Please check more pictures on Wheels facebook page.

Wheels Integrated Rural HealthCare Project

Wheels has organized a workshop to discuss about the model of upcoming Wheels Integrated Rural HealthCare - SEVAK project in 3 AP villages.

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